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Many women are self-conscious about a high hairline, which is primarily genetic. Also known as forehead reduction surgery or hairline lowering, hairline advancement is a surgical procedure that improves overall facial balance by lowering the hairline and shortening the forehead

What is hairline advancement for women?

Hairline advancement surgery shortens the vertical height of the forehead, the distance between the hairline and the eyebrows, and the distance between the hairline and eyes, nose, and mouth. Because the hairline moves lower on the face, the procedure helps women who want to change their large forehead or high hairline.

During surgery, Dr. Ching makes an incision across the hairline and into the temple areas, using specialized techniques to camouflage the resulting scar within the hairline. The hair-bearing scalp is loosened, separated from the underlying bone, and then advanced so that the scalp can safely stretch during surgery. Any excessive forehead skin is trimmed away, and the incision is meticulously closed with several layers of sutures for optimal healing. A hairline advancement procedure takes approximately ninety minutes from start to finish.

How much can I advance my hairline?

It is imperative to remember that because human tissues stretch under tension, removing 2.5 cm of forehead skin may lower the hairline by approximately 2.25 cm. This varies from patient to patient.

Additionally, measurements are subjective. When placing a ruler against the forehead to measure the forehead size, you can slightly adjust the position in multiple directions to change the resulting measurement dramatically.

Finally, “baby hairs” along the frontal hairline are not always usable for hiding a scar, meaning the incision must be made higher into the hairline to use mature, healthy hairs for hiding the scar. Doing so can cause results to appear slightly less when measured post-op compared to the amount of skin removed during surgery.

All of these varied factors are a regular part of forehead reduction surgery. Instead of focusing on numbers for your results, aim for improvement, which is dramatic and significant.

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What can I expect from hairline advancement recovery?

In terms of recovering from hairline advancement surgery, you can expect the following:

- Mild bruising and soreness after surgery are generally short-lived and should resolve within one week

- You’ll return to Dr. Ching’s office one week post-op for suture removal

- You must avoid strenuous physical activity for two weeks

- The incision will fade for several months, and new hair will grow up through the incision to help hide the scar

- Most patients are easily able to conceal their incisions and resume regular activities within two weeks.

What are the results of hairline advancement?

Hairline advancement results include a smaller forehead and lower hairline. The face will otherwise look the same without changes in the:

- Brow position

- Eye shape

- Other facial features

The results of forehead reduction surgery are permanent. While the brows may droop with time due to the natural aging process, the forehead will continue to be smaller than before surgery. This is because the forehead does not stretch back to its original position. Once the tissues are in place, scar tissue under the skin holds them there after the initial healing phase.

Why choose Dr. Ching for hairline advancement for women?

Dr. Ching’s meticulous and conservative approach produces naturally beautiful outcomes when it comes to delivering your desired results from hairline advancement. With an eye for naturalness, Dr. Ching helps his patients achieve results inherent to them. 

Dr. Shim Ching is board-certified and graduated from the prestigious McGill University in Montreal. He earned his medical degree from the University of British Columbia before completing his plastic surgery residency at McMaster University—a Canadian institution known for innovation and excellence in medicine.

Please schedule a consultation with our office to learn more about your hair restoration options.

Hair Transplant Hawaii Shim Ching MD

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