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LATISSE® is an effective alternative to eyelash extensions and is now available in Honolulu, Hawaii, from the office of Dr. Shim Ching. Available only by prescription, LATISSE the first and only treatment approved by the FDA for hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis is the medical term for the condition of inadequate or insufficient eyelashes. To visit us in Honolulu, Hawaii, for this alternative to eyelash extensions, contact us using our online form or call us at 808-585-8855 to speak with us.

Is LATISSE Right for Me?

The effects of this treatment are not restricted to those with inadequate or insufficient eyelashes (hypotrichosis). Women and men who have lost their eyelashes while undergoing chemotherapy can receive the same growth benefits from LATISSE. We offer this treatment to our hair loss patients as well as people who simply want to enhance the growth of their eyelashes.

How Does LATISSE Create Eyelash Growth?

The exact process of LATISSE’s successful eyelash growth is not yet known. However, repeated scientific trials and studies have demonstrated its success.

The primary ingredient in LATISSE is bimatoprost, a postaglandin analog that’s present in hair. It’s thought that bimatoprost assists in the growth and development of hair follicles, including eyelashes. LATISSE’s eyelash growth seems to be produced in 2 ways:

  • By increasing the length of the eyelashes’ anagen (growth) phase.
  • By mulitplying the number of eyelash hairs during the growth phase.

Hawaii Latisse For Eyelashes Growth The results are seen not only in the quantity of your eyelashes, but also in the quality. LATISSE has been found to produce longer, fuller and darker eyelashes in subjects.

latisse eyelash growth before and afters

before and afters of latisse after 16 weeks

When Will I See Results?

Users of LATISSE can sometimes see improvement in as few as 6 weeks, while the full results are reached in 16 weeks of consistent application.

How Do Treatments Work?

LATISSE a convenient treatment you perform in the privacy of your home. You apply it once a day on your eyelash line, using a disposable applicator. The application is done only to the upper eyelash. In addition, the daily application must be continued to maintain your eyelash growth.

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