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In the cosmetic industry, physicians prey upon patients seeking cheap cosmetic renewal. The regulation in this field is shockingly sparse, with under qualified physicians being legally permitted to perform invasive aesthetic procedures. In many cases, any person with a medical degree may legally perform cosmetic actions in private practice. This means it is up to the patient to perform due diligence to ensure they are not undergoing a procedure that could be botched.

Board certification is key

When it comes to seeking the ideal physician to perform your cosmetic procedure, it is imperative to find a board-certified plastic surgeon. The American Board of Plastic Surgery, or ABPS, is the only regulatory agency tasked with ensuring their physicians are duly qualified to perform cosmetic procedures. Whether you’re seeking facial plastic surgery, a breast augmentation, or a tummy tuck, this particular qualification is paramount.

If a physician is titled a “cosmetic surgeon,” please beware. This title is usually given or self-proclaimed by those who lack experience or training in the cosmetic field. Again, you should only seek cosmetic enhancement from a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Board certified plastic surgeon – not just for surgical procedures

In the arena of hair restoration—considered a cosmetic procedure—it is still important to find a physician who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. This means the physician has been thoroughly examined in both practical and theory of cosmetic procedures. This examination is performed by a series of esteemed individuals, each of whom has the background, training, and experience to ensure those entering the field are properly qualified.

In the “Wild West” of medical industries, you should never compromise your standards. Seek a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Dr. Shim Ching is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii. He routinely helps his patients get resolution from unsightly hair loss through a series of precise, strategic procedures. To schedule a consultation, please call our practice.

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