How Hair Transplant works

Even in advanced stages of baldness, some hair follicles remain.   These follicles, which are resistant to the factors that cause hair loss, are concentrated in the area at the back and sides of the head. We call this region the “donor area” for hair restoration. During a hair transplant procedure, we harvest excess hairs – follicles and all – from the donor area to areas of baldness on the top or front of the head. Hair restoration requires an artistic touch to create a brand new hairline that complements a patient’s specific facial features, age and lifestyle. Creating your specific hairline requires your approval of our hair restoration plan. The vision of both you and your doctor are the principal guide in tailoring your new hairline.


Hair Transplant – Why It Works


The medical process for hair restoration involves the transplanting of hairs and follicles from one area of the head to another.     Follicles of hair on the human scalp are genetically programmed before birth. This determines if they become sensitive to the male hormones which begin to appear at puberty – causing the follicle to wither and die in time; or whether they will be unaffected by these hormones, continuing to grow throughout one’s lifetime.


During the hair transplant procedure, grafts are placed one at a time in thinning and balding areas. We artistically perform this procedure in a manner that results in virtually undetectable, natural-looking results – a restored hairline and a natural density to your hair.



The Hair Transplantation Process


Surgical transplantation of hair follicles is a remarkably simple outpatient procedure.


Pursuing the Perfect Transplanted Hairline:


We strive for a transplanted hairline that appears soft and natural, so that our results don’t have to be hidden by hair combed over in the front.



Hair Restoration For Both Men and Women:

Hair restoration surgery is equally effective in treating hair loss for both men and women.

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